When you're just getting started with one of our software products one of the first steps to ensure everything runs smoothly is to check that your computer has all the required system files installed. Below are the main things to check:

1) Check that you have all windows updates installed. In the search box on the task bar of your computer search for "windows update" then click on "check for updates". When that window opens click on the check for updates link then wait until the search completes. If any updates are found then click on install and once all updates have been installed restart your computer.

2) Next go through the list of required microsoft components and install ALL of these listed in the forum here  (If you get a message when installing any of these that it is already installed just click cancel).

Once you have all the above files installed on your computer all of our software should run correctly unless your firewall/antivirus software blocks things so if you do experience a problem try temporarily disabling your firewall/antivirus software then restart the software and try again.

If you experience any problems after the above steps then please submit a support ticket here in the support desk (register first if this is your first time using the support desk) then one of our staff will assist with your problem. 

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